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On the mainland China market in Southern China, we have learned from hundreds of users who installed hot water circulators and communicated with users.

Urban users are mainly equipped with gas and electricity, of which the proportion of apartment installed water heater is relatively large, and the proportion of air energy and solar water heater for suburban and rural users is relatively large, so the demand for hot water circulator is hard. Most of the users' water facilities are reconstructed on the original basis, and few of them are planned and installed in the early stage. It is obviously limited by space, showing different distribution states.

Installation site of SECOLA hot water circulator for a user in Palm Garden


Installation site of SECOLA hot water circulator for a user in Palm Garden

It is unexpected that our products are so popular among apartment users. Before, our customers were mainly users with large capacity hot water system. Apartment users generally do not use small capacity water heaters, because the cold water pipe between the water heater and the water point is relatively short, most of them are about 10 meters. When using hot water, the pre discharge cold water is also 3-6 liters, and the waiting time is one to two minutes. Many users do not know or are not willing to install the hot water circulator. However, from the current point of view, more and more apartment users still choose to install the hot water circulator, indicating the use It has become a trend that the convenience of hot water is high and the consciousness of water saving and energy saving is strong. The hot water circulator can be used immediately, zero cold water, water pressurization, good experience has become the mainstream requirement, abandoning the waiting of using hot water to discharge cold water first and wasting water. After all, this is people's daily water use, easy to use, high efficiency is the king.

Installing site of a user  SECOLA hot water circulator in Xingfu coast

As a professional R & D and production plant, users have higher and higher requirements on the use experience of domestic hot water. The role of hot water circulator, or return water device, in hot water will be replaced. Its convenient, instant hot water, constant temperature, water saving and energy saving, intelligent control products will be welcomed by the public. We actively listen to the user's opinions, combined with new technology, continuous improvement, iterative upgrade. Improve the user experience, improve the quality of life of users.

Installation site of SECOLA hot water circulator in Shenzhen Bay

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